About Us

ICR (formerly Minrav Projects Ltd ) is a veteran real estate development corporation with over 30 years of experience. The company’s activity centers on residential construction across the country. At the start of 2020, the company is owned by two strong and industry leaders – the Canada-Israel Group and the Reem Group – each of which holds a diversified collection of assets and affords several significant values to the company such as financial stability, vision, creativity, initiative, and leadership. The two groups are active and experienced in a variety of real estate markets. The company specializes in the construction of luxury complexes in exclusive areas, alongside residential neighborhoods across the country, designing a new concept of urban living. The company successfully improves and promotes each of its projects, starting from maximizing the rights and while constructing a program and creating ideal residential environs that enable the end consumer to enjoy an optimal investment. Furthermore, the company is engaged in urban renewal in select cities throughout the country, such as Tel Aviv, Bat Yam, Herzliya, Givatayim, Jerusalem, and more, and a respectable portion of these projects have advanced to the construction phase. The company is also involved in hotel development in central areas of high demand, particularly projects along the Herbert Samuel Promenade and Yarkon Street in Tel Aviv, a unique tourism complex along the ‘riviera’ of Ashdod, and Jerusalem, and more.

The Company’s Vision

  • Internal synergy
  • Financial stability
  • Engineering excellence
  • Collaborations with leading international corporations
  • First-class quality
  • Trustful relations with the banking system
  • Managerial conservatism
  • Managerial focus
  • An excellent reputation
  • Many years of proven performance and experience
  • Comprehensive solutions

The Company’s Ownership

Canada Israel Group is a real estate investment house dealing in the development, construction, and improvement of assets across the country and throughout the world. For over two decades, we are shaping the urban fabric in prominent centers of demand in Israel and worldwide with a selection of strategically located properties and assets. We are proud of a long line of architectural achievements that have made a significant imprint in the world, including a series of luxurious skyscrapers in the Tzemaret Park, a unique conservation project on Rothschild Street in Tel Aviv, the Microsoft office complex in Herzliya, an exclusive Israeli beachfront residential complex and dozens of other real estate initiatives that have placed us at the forefront of real estate investments, in Israel and around the globe. Constantly searching for the next opportunity, with a swift and flexible response, we seek to challenge the status quo by doing it better, more interesting, and especially profitable for our investing clientele. See the company’s website.

Jordache Israel is a holding group engaging in hospitality and tourism, real estate, aviation,
shipping, industry, and agriculture. It constitutes a portion of the global Jordache Group,
controlled by the Nakash brothers, Joe, Ralph, and Avi.
For more than 20 years, Avi Hormaro, a business executive and real estate developer has led
the group’s Israeli business activity as its chairman and CEO. Under his leadership, the group
has gained a deeper footing in hotel and office tower development in Israel.
Avi is the founder and owner of A.G. Investments Group Ltd, which has holdings in many
hotels throughout Israel and Europe, and in the Port of Eilat, where he serves as the port’s
board chairman.
The group has a diverse asset portfolio consisting of various hotel brands, commercial,
business, and residential real estate projects.
Setai, Herbert Samuel, and Orchid Hotels are the group’s hotel hospitality brands. Electra
Tower, Beit Ampa Har’el (Herzliya), Beit Ampa Tel Aviv, the Brands Boulevard in
Dizengoff Center are among the group’s office towers and commercial spaces.
Furthermore, the group holds real assets in various fields in a wide swath across Israel;
among its holdings are Arkia, the Port of Eilat, the “Halutza” olive oil brand, and more.See the company’s website.

ORC Group, controlled by Raz Oded, deals in developing real estate projects and revenue-generating assets in Israel and worldwide. ORC specializes in acquiring revenue-generating assets, improvement, and management.
In the time that has passed since its founding, the group has successfully developed a diverse and quality collection of assets and properties. Today it holds and manages hundreds of thousands of square meters of prime real estate.
The group holds property reserves intended for betterment in areas under demand, commercial, industrial, office, hotels, and parking lot properties in Israel, Europe, and the United States. Several leading corporations and government companies are among the company’s tenants. ORC is actively developing residential projects and enjoys significant experience in projects with combined uses of residential, commerce, and hospitality. See the company’s website