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ICR from the Israel Canada Group and Ram Residences

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It's Not Just the "What," It's the "How"

Anything is possible - innovate, invent, touch.
The "what" is crystal clear: real estate.

But what truly sets us apart is how we transform people's lives into an everyday adventure. The real question is: how do we achieve this? This is where we never cease to inquire. How do we avoid settling for the status quo? How do we go the extra mile to redefine the entire landscape? How do we craft a project where wellness is woven into daily life? How do we blend creativity, design, art, and passion into a seamless whole? How do we establish genuine trust and assurance in our clients, transcending mere slogans, so they understand that we are always there for them, no matter what?

Welcome to EVE NORTH PARK, a residential complex that will redefine what it means to live in the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area. Nestled between Tel Aviv and Ramat HaSharon, this exclusive architectural complex is now being established, creating a unique icon in the Israeli landscape and launching an exciting new chapter in North Park’ s success story.

air גבעתיים לוגו AIR Givatayim Logo

Located between Hahistadrut Street and Hama'avak Street, just moments away from the vibrant pulse of Tel Aviv, stands Givatayim's newest gem. Air is a residential complex infused with the essence of Manhattan, boasting stunning urban panoramas from every apartment and a New York-inspired rooftop on the fourth floor, complete with seating and entertaining areas.

Urban Stories
north park logo

Nestled between Tel Aviv and Ramat Hasharon, amidst lush greenery and urban landscapes, lies a new, exclusive neighborhood that seamlessly integrates city living with nature. Enjoy convenient access to the city center and coveted neighborhoods such as Tzahala, Ne'ot Afeka, and Ramat Aviv Gimel.

herzelia b logo המסילה הרצליה לוגו

Wake up every day to a life brimming with inspiration. Take a deep breath and inhale all that's good in the world. Smile genuinely with all your heart. Choose only what makes you feel good. Live not just for the moment but for all the dreams and wishes.

Unlimited living
שכונת גפן לוגו gefen logo

Meet the Gefen neighborhood, the most sought-after project in Herzliya, just by Galil Yam. Fall in love with Herzliya's next success story: a new complex that includes 400 apartments in 8 designed buildings, 7–14 stories high, situated around a central paved and closed-off piazza with a commercial façade and a passage from the main street into the neighborhood.

A Modern Community

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נוף עירוני או נוף פסטורלי? מה אתם באמת יודעים על הקשר בין שווי הנכס לנוף הנשקף ממנו?
ירושלים של זהב, של נדל”ן ושל תקווה. ❤️ביום ירושלים, אנחנו ב-ICR גאים להיות חלק מתנופת הבנייה המרשימה בבירה, עם פרויקטים חדשים ופורצי דרך, בניהם גם פרויקט PASTORAL המרגש במבואות שכונת עין כרם הציורית.
פרק חדש באוויר!מוזמנים להכיר את משרד הפרסום Y360, ולשמוע קצת יותר על החשיבה, האסטרטגיה והתהליכים שמאחורי הפקות ומהלכי התוכן שלנו❤️