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We believe that an urban renewal project is carried out first and foremost for homeowners living in the existing buildings. The homeowners are full partners in the journey from the first stage until receiving the key.

We come with proven experience in developing complex urban renewal projects, especially those that involve vacating existing residents before construction. We have already completed 43 projects nationwide, over 4,000 tenants have chosen us, 6,000 units have been delivered, and 12,600 homes are in the licensing/planning stages.

Our belief relies on conduct throughout the lifespan of the project that adheres to:

אייקון השבחת הנכס

Property improvement

אייקון תקשורת רציפה מול הדיירים

Continuous communication with tenants

אייקון יחס אישי ושיתוף פעולה מלא

Personal attention and full cooperation

אייקון הוגנות ושותפות מלאה

Fairness and full partnership

אייקון ניסיון מוכח מעל שלושה עשורים

Over three decades of proven experience

אייקון התמחות בשיווק ומיתוג

Specialization in marketing and branding

אייקון ייעול וקיצור לוחות זמנים

Streamlining and shortening schedules

אייקון חוסן פיננסי

Financial resilience

You have to decide
whom you undertake this adventure with
Ohad Arbib
Tenant of Gefen neighborhood, Herzliya
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A map of Israel that includes cities where urban renewal projects were made by ICR A map of Israel that includes cities where urban renewal projects were made by ICR. Among the cities: Haifa, Netanya, Herzliya, Ramat Hasharon, Tel Aviv, Givatayim, Ramat Gan, Bat Yam, Holon, Yehud, Or Yehuda, Lod, Ashdod and Jerusalem.
Click on a city on the map to view the projects.
TEL AVIV 0 Apartments
Brodetsky 0 Apartments
Shalma 0 Apartments
HaYarkon 0 Apartments
De Haas 0 Apartments
Neve Kefir 0 Apartments
Ayalon Pearl 0 Apartments
Herbert Samuel 0 Apartments
Zoe Yaffo 0 Apartments
Har Tsiyon 0 Apartments
Hayei Adam 0 Apartments
HOLON 493 Apartments
Rabbi Akiva 312 Apartments
The Warriors
ramat gan 68 Apartments
Tel Hashomer 216 Apartments
Rashi Complex 350 Apartments
Frug 234 Apartments
Bialik 258 Apartments
or yehuda 700 Apartments
Haifa 1733 Apartments
Stroma, Jean Jaurès, Exit Europe, and Soutine
Givatayim 118 Apartments
Aidmit 333 Apartments
ההסתדרות 134 Apartments
הרצוג 736 Apartments
Ancho Sireni
Yehud 816 Apartments
Lod 310 Apartments
Ashdod 756 Apartments
Jerusalem 440 Apartments
Katamonim 600 Apartments
French Hill 425 Apartments
Netanya 191 Apartments
Dizengoff 325 Apartments
Solomon 261 Apartments
Complex 12 234 Apartments
Ocean Park
Herzliya 70 Apartments
Bar Kochba 170 Apartments
Rabbi Akiva 645 Apartments
Sarah dormitory 400 Apartments
Gefen 54 Apartments
Herzliya B
Bat Yam 560 Apartments
Rothschild 220 Apartments
YAM 171 Apartments
ramat hasharon 1205 Apartments
North Park

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