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Apartments in Herzliya


Herzliya, the jewel of Israel's coast, shimmers with opportunity. Own a piece of its magic with ICR's collection of beachfront marvels. From sun-drenched 3-room coves to expansive 4-room retreats, our Herzliya apartments offer a life infused with coastal bliss and urban ease.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of Herzliya. Stroll along the golden shore, savor al fresco dining in bustling piazzas, and access Tel Aviv's cultural pulse in a heartbeat. Nestled in this sought-after haven, our modern havens redefine comfort, embracing sleek design and proximity to all you crave.

Choose ICR and trade commission fees for a streamlined path to your dream home. Embrace a smart investment: beachside bliss, urban access, and the prestige of one of Israel's premier addresses. Explore our Herzliya projects today and unlock your coastal home.