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It's Not Just the "What," It's the "How"

Anything is possible - innovate, invent, touch.
The "what" is crystal clear: real estate.

But what truly sets us apart is how we transform people's lives into an everyday adventure. The real question is: how do we achieve this? This is where we never cease to inquire. How do we avoid settling for the status quo? How do we go the extra mile to redefine the entire landscape? How do we craft a project where wellness is woven into daily life? How do we blend creativity, design, art, and passion into a seamless whole? How do we establish genuine trust and assurance in our clients, transcending mere slogans, so they understand that we are always there for them, no matter what?

One of the most influential leaders in the real estate industry

ICR is a significant player in the real estate industry in Israel – thanks to ground-breaking management, different thinking, and building high-demand brands. The experience, reputation, and portfolio of the two leading groups – Israel Canada and Ram Residences – combined with the group's capabilities, make ICR one of the strongest and most influential real estate groups in Israel.

Our innovative approach blends creativity, ingenuity, and sales prowess with robust financial backing and seasoned management expertise, setting us apart in the Israeli real estate sector. These strengths empower us to spearhead, manage, and excel in multifaceted projects nationwide, driven by inventive ideas and distinctive concepts.

We specialize in constructing luxury complexes in high-demand areas, alongside the construction of residential neighborhoods throughout the country, while designing a new residential concept and a warm community living experience. In addition, the company focuses on local commerce and creating a technological service experience for all its clients – placing it at the forefront of real estate development in Israel.

From its inception, under the new leadership, the company has proven an out-of-the-box thinking that produces a unique solution for every project – from architectural, marketing, and human points of view.

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israel canada logo ישראל קנדה לוגו

Israel Canada Group is a real estate investment house engaged in the development and improvement of properties in Israel and around the world. For over 2 decades, we have been shaping the urban fabric in prominent high-demand areas in Israel and around the world, with a choice of strategically located land and properties. We are proud of a long list of architectural achievements that have left a significant mark on the world, including the prestigious series of skyscrapers in Tzameret Park, a unique conservation project on Rothschild Street in Tel Aviv, the Microsoft office complex in Herzliya, luxury residential complexes overlooking Israel's coastline and dozens of other real estate developments that have positioned us at the forefront of income-yielding real estate investments in Israel and around the world. Always in search of the next opportunity, and with quick and flexible responses, we seek to challenge the current situation and make it better, more interesting, and most importantly – profitable for the investors.

ORC Land Logo

The ORC Group, which is controlled by Raz Oded, is engaged in developing real estate projects and profitable assets in Israel and around the world. ORC specializes in acquiring, improving, and managing income-yielding properties. In the time since its foundation, the group has managed to create a diverse and high-quality portfolio of assets. It currently owns and manages assets amounting to hundreds of thousands of square meters.

The group holds land reserves designated for improvement in high-demand areas, as well as commercial assets, industrial assets, offices, hotels, and parking lots in Israel, Europe, and the US. Its residents include leading companies as well as government companies. ORC is active in the field of residential project development and has significant experience in projects for combined residential, commercial, and hotel uses.

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