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Minrav Bashmora Haifa

Project Details

Location: The Dania neighborhood on the peak of the Carmel Range
Project description: 156 apartments in 2 luxurious 20-story towers, including a spa and mini-golf

The project was completed and occupied in 2018

In the heart of the natural forest of the Carmel, opposite a breathtaking sea view, stands a pair of the unique luxury towers of “Minrav in the Reserve” in Savyoni Dania. The “Minrav in the Reserve” project was designed by Danny Beznosov, one of Haifa’s veteran architects, out of a modern urban inspiration that combines clean and up-to-date design lines alongside a pastoral atmosphere of a natural landscape that is rare in its beauty. At “Minrav in the Reserve, the sentence ‘the highest possible’ isn’t a slogan, rather a standard. The creative design starts from building quality and the investment in the luxurious specs, which includes a fitness and spa facility for the residents’ comfort. The proximity to Haifa’s main traffic arteries, on the one hand, and its presence in the heart of a green forest on the other, constitute a unique and surprising combination that enables quality of living at a high standard. The highest that is possible.

*Those presenting a permanent and valid disabled persons ID card issued by the National Insurance Institute (Bituach Leumi) or the Rehabilitation Branch of the Ministry of Defense are eligible for a NIS10,000 discount from the apartment’s recommended price, concerning agreements that will be signed within nine months from October 19, 2020.