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Rothschild & Herzl complex Bat yam

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Rothschild & Herzl complex Bat yam
מיקום: רחוב רוטשילד, בצמוד לרצועת החוף הצפוני של בת ים.
תיאור הפרויקט: 560 יח"ד, 1600 מ"ר שטחי מסחר ו-10,000 מ"ר מלונאות
אדריכל: ד.ס. בניין ערים וUN studio.

Planning status: TPBA approved, TPBA submitted for consolidation and division. At the same time, work on a design plan

A project in partnership with Matzlawi, 560 units, 1600 square meters of commercial space and 10,000 square meters of hotels, the project is located about 50 square meters from the beach

The project will include residences, hotel and commercial spaces. The complex, located about 30 meters from the North Sea beach and the light rail station – the Red Line, covers an area of ​​about 10.5 dunams, on Rothschild Street in Bat Yam