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PASTORAL Jerusalem


live close to nature

Live in harmony with everything that surrounds you, with what's good for you, and with complementary opposites. Live next to someone similar to you and someone a little different from you. Live close to the green nature, and clear mountain air, in a peaceful neighborhood, as part of a community made up of a rainbow of colors.

A pastoral project from ICR is built on a mountainside and has four towers connected by 7 lower floors. The topography at the site and the height difference between Brazil Street and Arthur Hantke Street will enable traditional terraced yet sloped Jerusalem construction. The towers will face Hantke Street to the east and Brazil Street to the west, and their residents

will enjoy all the spectacular views of Ein Kerem.


The Pastoral project is located in the southwest of the city, near Ein Kerem and Kiryat HaYovel, in an ideal location: close to the light rail station and with quick access to the main thoroughfares. The project is near sprawling parks and top educational institutions. All this is with the pastoral landscape of Ein Kerem. The project is located in an elevated position and enjoys all the open and spectacular views. At the Pastoral, you'll live in harmony with nature. Clear breathing in a place where every angle offers a view of green and inviting nature. The natural forest adjacent to the project, combined with the landscaped parks around it, allow for a life of perfect connection with nature.






units in the project
Including Penthouses
and spectacular mini penthouses


sq.m. of high-quality commercial space


sq.m. of public buildings


The common areas in the Pastoral project were designed by the architect Dana Oberson, with an emphasis on harmonious and “flowing” design using elements of wood and concrete. The common areas use natural materials that take inspiration from the architecture of the outside to the interior elegantly and impressively which connects the pieces to a beautiful whole. The rich living environment will provide residents with a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle, along with plenty of possibilities for meetings inside the building or in the open air, for joint activities, and for creating community and a sense of belonging.


The apartments in the project were designed to give residents a quality of life with a high standard of ICR. The spacious and luxurious apartments enjoy efficient and functional interior spaces that take into account the variety of needs of the residents. The large living spaces create an open and pleasant atmosphere. The apartment design is based on modern materials and technologies, creating smart homes that suit modern lifestyles.

The complex